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Our house, our property, our life’s work –
often we are concerned with what happens to it when we get older…
I am happy to accompany you on this path.

Real Estate Valuation

As a real estate valuator with Swiss Federal Professional Certificate I am happy to assess and value your property to define its current market value. I work with recognized and up-to-date valuation methods.


A property is usually a large financial but also emotional component when it comes to plans of our own future. We often feel uncomfortable to address this issue. In a consultative conversation I would be happy to help you evaluate all possibilities allowing you to plan your situation and choose the best fit option.


Why should your property be valuated professionally?

Professional valuations always take into account the entire environment of an object with all its value-influencing factors (location, condition, etc.). In real estate valuation, solely considering floor plan dimensions or cubature is usually not meaningful enough. A systematically structured concept combined with experience and proven valuation directives ensures an objective and neutral valuation.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Christian Bubendorf
Property valuer with Swiss Federal Professional Certificate

In the following cases a professional valuation of your property is advisable

Assessment of the current situation

Separation / Divorce

Inheritance / Gift


Handover to children/heirs with a registered right of use

Use of synergies together with other properties

Determine existing “reserves” such as building land reserves, increase, etc.

Establishment of building law bases

Planning of new construction projects

Handover to children/heirs with a registered right of residence